Om Thrive Yoga Teacher: Heather

I'm so excited to welcome Heather Day to the Om Thrive family. She will be teaching shelter yoga on Saturday mornings. Read her bio below.



Heather came to the physical practice of yoga through athleticism and a fondness for Sanskrit and Ganesh, but stuck with yoga because of the inner transformation that she had not anticipated. She believes the practice of yoga through asana practice is a continuous unfolding of the higher self.

Heather believes that when we live in such a wild and unpredictable world, coming to the mat, whether it be in silence or in chant, sivasana or vinyasa, is of utmost importance to sacred balance and self reflection, as all change starts within, and radiates out into the world. She firmly believes in the science and self discovery of yoga changing neurochemistry to reduce anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD, as well as increase immunity, and heal maladaptive responses and patterns in our everyday lives, not to mention the strengthening and toning of the physical body.

Heather believes what happens on the mat translates into real life changes, and wants to share that gift with anyone with an open heart and mind. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Karma yoga with Allison Duckworth, with a focus on vinyasa and hatha, completed in June 2017. Her classes tend to be a faster, sweaty mix, with upbeat, sometimes tribal music, humor, and spiritual teachings. Heather has a BA in psychology, and has been a social worker for several years, as well as extra education in holistic nutrition, herbalism, astrology, and environmental science. Heather lives in Portland with her partner and 2 kids, and enjoys cooking, photography, hiking the PNW, and nature, just about as much as yoga. Namaste

Pure 8 Hot Yoga and Epiphanies

Hello hello om thrive supporters! I had the best and most eye opening experience yesterday after taking a hot Vinyasa class at Pure 8 Hot Yoga in Beaverton.  I was invited by the beautiful, bubbly Ouma, Pure 8's owner and I can say I am so happy to have met this woman! I huffed, puffed and sweated through Jamie's hot Vinyasa class and by the end of it's awesomeness I realized something - I need to start branching out and visiting as many studios in the Portland Metro Area as possible.  How can I give advice to my fellow survivors if I don't actually take the classes that are available? That being said, I am launching my Yoga for Survival tour. PORTLAND YOGA STUDIOS: don't be surprised if you see me pop up in your classes! I'm coming for you! Get at me on Instagram @omthrivepdx or email me at if you have a class that I just cannot miss and I'll be there. See you soon!

pure 8 pic.jpg

Studio PDX

Had a great time tonight and met some really awesome people! My Yoga Room has relocated to Studio PDX on 30th and Burnside, right by Whole Foods. Thank you so much Katherine for giving me a platform to talk about Om Thrive's mission and spread awareness!  More collaboration coming soon!


Making new friends

So as this baby grows we are starting to make new friends in the community. I'm still working full time until I can run this nonprofit exclusively, so until then I'm a weekend warrior! I am so grateful that studios are willing to meet with me on weekends to brainstrom, plan, and dream. 

Avery from Living Yoga was gracious enough to meet with me over pizza and start planning some pretty cool ideas. More news coming soon!


Photoshoot Pics

We had a great photoshoot on Saturday, February 17th compliments of Lizzie Harrell and Bikram Yoga St. Johns! It went really fast and the theme came together beautifully. We will be doing another photoshoot in about a month so please contact me if you would like to be featured on the website or in our social media posts.

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Enjoy the pics and thank you for your support!