yoga in pdx


Humbled. Twice. Three times over. I am humbled. My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you Portland for the outpouring of support for Yoga Views and Brews. Thank you my fellow Black community for joining the yoga experiencing and encouraging our traumatized loved ones to seek healing. Thank you to all of Om Thrive supporters, advocates, social media boosters, allies and friends. I am so excited to see where we go from here.

My goal for the remainder of this year and into 2020 is to host Yoga for Mental Health workshops for underserved communities in Portland. We need to address and heal fro traumatic events such as abuse, incarceration, racial inequity, gentrification, and exclusion. Everyone should be able to enjoy practicing yoga at their favorite studio in anywhere in Portland, anywhere in Oregon, anywhere in the world. Stay tuned and check back often to join Om Thrive in this effort.

Day Bibb, Founder